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Software Engineering and Architecture Quality Group is interested in (UML-based) Modeling and Non-Functional Analysis of Software Systems. The team is part of the SEA Group, and conducts research on modeling software systems, and on the provision of engineering tools to analyse the non-functional attributes of software systems. through model-based approaches


Research interests

Our research areas are focused on:
  • Verification and validation of QoS through model-based software engineering approaches;
  • QoS analysis of autonomic services and context-aware mobile software systems to support software adaptation
  • Bio-inspired adaptation mechanisms
  • Tools to support of non-functional analyses of software systems
  • Interpretation of performance analysis results and automated architectural feedback


ASE 2011: new materials
Friday 13 May, 02:14
A new "Supporting Decisions Tools" entry has been added in the Tools section.
(posted by berardinelli)


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